“What a joy to travel these paths alongside Kathryn Aalto and such fierce, trailblazing, and perceptive women.” —Sarah L. Kaufman, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post critic and author of The Art of Grace

“This fine and thoughtful book puts these remarkable women writers, past and present, right smack bang into focus where they belong — as key shapers of how we see the natural world. A book everyone who loves nature writing would benefit from reading. It is chock full of my heroes, and some others I learnt for the first time.”James Rebanks, author of The Shepherd’s Life and English Pastoral

“An impassioned and illuminating anthology that serves as an act of recovery and discovery, a personal celebration, and a timely reminder of the wealth and sheer power of women’s voices.” —Rob Cowen, author of Common Ground

“Kathryn Aalto brilliantly braids engaging personal narrative with accessible literary biography, to take readers on an inspiring pilgrimage.” —Michael P. Branch, author of Rants from the Hill and How to Cuss in Western

“An amazing, rich resource that rises above visions of conquest and domination to reveal the possibility of meeting eye-to-eye with wildness, and of being broken open and changed.” —Foreword

“This book is a wonderful jumping-off point for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to know more about the many talented female writers who have made it their work’s focus.” BookPage

“A fantastic resource for readers looking to grow their TBR piles.” The Los Angeles Times

“Exciting, inspiring, intimidating, and bold.” —San Francisco Book Review

“A heartening book, granting attention to women who dared to write and ramble wild.” —BBC Countryfile