The Complete Research for Writers Bootcamp (September)
“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” — Zora Neale Hurston


  • Wednesday, September 7, 2022
  • 5-7:30 PM BST with 15-minute break
  • £50 tuition

Research is the collection of information to enhance knowledge. In creative nonfiction, it is the backbone of our writing. Research elevates storytelling, fuels scene creation, and shoots our writing into the stratosphere. It also imparts external accountability, which is vital as creative nonfiction is always a true story told well. In the early stages of writing, research can test the feasibility of an idea or help shape a proposal, essay, or book. It is important as a writer to engage in comprehensive research while also being open to serendipity and where that can lead.  But if you haven’t received training in how, where, why, and what to research, you may be looking for some direction.

In this masterclass, Kathryn Aalto teaches you how. Drawing on her graduate school training as a historian and writer, Kathryn teaches research approaches, plans, and organisation. She teaches how to write from your research and how it can deeply inform our creative nonfiction. She also teaches when to stop research and start writing. You will also learn differences between different kinds of research sources. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you will learn how  myriad media and sources (documents, photographs, films, interviews, and much more) can shape and deepen the world you create on the page. Drawing on her experiences in libraries and archives, in interviews, and travel, Kathryn teaches practical research skills that can shape your writing project now.


  • Learn how to create a research plan
  • Learn how to evaluate the credibility of sources
  • Learn how to organise and write from your research
  • Learn how to access on-line data bases (libraries, archives)
  • Learn when to speak to an expert and best interview practices
  • Learn differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary research

“Kathryn Aalto is an exceptional teacher. As a best-selling author, she knows the publishing industry first-hand. And she is highly adept at refining one’s technical skills without stifling a writer’s voice. I love the combination of rigor and nurturing she provides. Without her mentoring, I would still be stumbling in the dark along my path to publication. Her guidance, support and knowledge are game changers. I cannot recommend her enough!” — Lise, Los Angeles, California