Cultivating the Mindset and Practices of a Professional Writer (April)

This workshop focuses on essential practical skills and psychological mindsets to help you establish an intentional writing practice to fulfill your potential. Writing can be a lonely and untethered pursuit. It takes a discipline, creativity, and flexibility to work independently in the pursuit of publication. Naturally each writer’s life, aspirations, and creative practice will be different. Often we must juggle family and work responsibilities to carve out space to focus, plan, and create. This workshop offers fresh insights into ways to make art happen. You will learn how to evaluate your use of time, how to block time, and ways to pre-write and mindmap to maximize your actual writing time. There will be engaging reflective exercise that invite you to consider ways to maximise your time, enhance your creative space, and define your aspirations. We will consider ways to eliminate distractions, gain the support of family and friends, and build a professional network and community of writers.


  • Establish an intentional writing practice
  • Think critically about ways to reorganise your life to write
  • Learn pre-writing exercises such as mindmapping and outlining


  • £50 per person
  • 2-4 PM GMT
  • Saturday April 30
  • Limited to 20 people


My teaching philosophy is focused on encouraging a uniquely personal exploration of narrative nonfiction. At its core, I believe teaching is about responding to each student, whether they are emerging writers or writing beyond the level of content mastery. I create a supportive learning environment that fosters creative expression, critical thinking, and individual artistic growth.


I am a passionate practitioner and teacher of narrative nonfiction.  For more than twenty-five years, I have taught writing and literature courses at colleges and universities including Western Washington University, Everett Community College, and Plymouth University. I have a global mentoring practice, thriving online writing courses, and lead in-person retreats, courses, and workshops throughout the United States and Britain.