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September 23, 2015

2015_09_23 Winnie the Pooh in My Weekly

From California to North Carolina, THE NATURAL WORLD OF WINNIE-THE-POOH is now on bookshelves!  As I was saying to a friend the other day, it feels like an other-worldly experience. Did I write that? And “What a pretty book!” with the E. H. Shepard illustrations, photographs and historical images. I’m completely happy with it but — a writer’s confession — until a book is out in the world, picked up and read by others, it feels other-worldly. It is similar to a garden that exists on paper until butterflies alight on flowers in the real, planted garden.

Lovely emails and messages from folks who pre-ordered months ago are rolling in to say their orders have shipped. There have been a lot of interviews with the press, essays written and events scheduled — beginning on the East Coast with the West Coast included in the Spring. The book is now popping up in media as well. I’m heartened to hear people are drawn to the combination of nature and nostalgia and classic literature.

Thank you for your support!




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