Seaside Garden

Creber Garden Sketch Scan [DRAFT]


Client Brief. The masterplan for this gently sloping seaside garden was designed with a restrained modern Italianate aesthetic in mind. The clients desired enhanced privacy, enhanced views of the sea and enhanced entertainment areas.

Philosophy. The design was guided by the idea of creating a serene and beautiful space with simplicity, structure and minimal upkeep. The philosophy grounded in minimalism, sharp lines and a confidence in the dynamism between static materials (stone, yews and boxwoods) and materials that move (art that glitters, plants in the wind, flames of fire).

Design. Several terraces for entertaining, gardening and contemplation were created on this sloped site. The central lawn consists of a square colonnade of pleached trees with a central water feature. Near the house and near the sea, enhanced areas for dining were created with a fire table the central feature in the latter. Strong lines were created with yews, boxwood, cypresses while paired with frothy purple flowering plants such as lavender and verbena bonariensis. The architecture of the house was softened with boxwoods, mounded boxwoods in pots and bright plants that move and dance in the wind. Sculptural Amelancheir lamarckii create four-season interest throughout the site. The selection of Escallonia iveyi is seaside perfect and carpets a bank in dark evergreen foliage and white flowers. The entire is architecturally up-lit. Beige paving will replace the old copper-coloured paving in spring 2016.

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